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Getting started with your new HaydiGO account

Welcome to HaydiGO!

In this manual we explain how to get started in HaydiGO. On this page we will direct you to all manuals to set up your account and webshops. At HaydiGO we know very well that no two companies are the same and that everyone has their own business processes. That is why we not only show how our software works, but we also like to think along.

As soon as we have created a HaydiGO account for you, we will start setting up your HaydiGO environment. We set up a number of things for you before, so that the onboarding process goes faster and you can start as soon as possible.

The things we set up are the following:

    After we have completed the above settings, we will send you your login details as soon as possible and you can log in in your own environment. Now it’s time to get started yourself.

    To-do list step by step:

    (click on the topic to go to the explanation)

      1. Add/Install Printer
      2. Change/check print templates
      3. Create product list(s)
      4. Link sales platform
      5. Add parcel services
      6. Set up warehouse
      7. Import locations and stocks (after the marketplace is linked)
      8. Create users
      9. Specify return reasons
      10. Change/check email templates