Feed / Channel Manager

WooCommerce integration

Data feed management connection with WooCommerce

Do you have a webshop that uses WooCommerce? Then you don’t have to enter your products manually. At HaydiGO, the webshop is not central, but the PIM (Product Information Manager). You no longer process products via the webshop, but via the PIM. This way you only have to put products in the system once, on which you can send them to your sales channels: such as WooCommerce. This is the ideal Data Feed Management Integration with WooCommerce!

– Send products directly to sales channels

– PIM integration: Product Information Manager

– Automatically updated changes without import/export

– No technical knowledge is required: you are in control

– PIM, WMS, Data Feed Management, POS and Logistics integration in one system

Integration with PIM, WMS, POS and other solutions

Do you want to centrally manage your systems from one interface? This is possible with the HaydiGO all-in-one solution. In our system you will find a WMS, PIM, POS, Data Feed Manager and Logistics integration, all under one roof. This is ideal for keeping control over your systems. It is also less prone to errors, because all modules are directly connected to each other.

Store automation with WooCommerce

Through our PIM integration you can effortlessly list your products on your WooCommerce webshop. Your Data Feed Manager uses the PIM integration to send products to WooCommerce. You put all your products in the PIM system once and send them out immediately. This includes automatic order linking so that your company receives all orders and purchases from various sales channels via the WMS warehouse management.

Do you have a webshop in multiple languages? That’s no problem. HaydiGO’s PIM includes several languages for your sales channels. Think English, German, French, and more! Your customers will then see optimal and complete information about the products on every channel. In addition, shipments from different warehouses with automatic mails are also arranged with 1 click.

Link sales channels with HaydiGO?

The great thing about the HaydiGO POS is that it fully integrates our real-time PIM, WMS, Data Feed Manager and Logistics modules. You manage all these systems within one interface. This allows your company to automate processes, from order processing to communication with the supplier. These advanced integrations are unique and allow your business to work efficiently and optimally!

HaydiGO is happy to help you optimize your WooCommerce feed. No more manual import and export, but an automatic system that you have control over! Start now with the optimal Data Feed Manager with PIM integration for WooCommerce!

Contact our team for the possibilities.