All-in-one system

Features of our products


HaydiGO’s powerful and versatile PIM solution is designed to deliver a flawless product experience. With HaydiGO you perfectly reflect your control over your products.

Optimize inventory, equipment, logistics and order management processes with a fast and easy-to-use Warehouse Management System (WMS) solution. All processes from supplier to customer are more efficient than ever.

HaydiGO’s Channel Management solution is integrated with the PIM function. It allows you to automatically transfer your data to many channels by just updating your data within HaydiGO. It is not necessary to export and re-import this data to different channels with every adjustment of your product information. HaydiGO automates all these time-consuming tasks and all these matters are centrally arranged.

HaydiGO’s logistics integration system helps you complete your operations quickly and effectively by optimizing communication between you and your transport companies.

HaydiGO offers a very user-friendly cash register system with which you can immediately settle your sales in the store. Our cash register system is fully and real-time integrated with our stock management and warehouse software. You can see at a glance how much stock you have online and offline and you can even offer them online in combination.

A shortage of stock is annoying for many traders and stores. After telling your customer that a product is available in abundance, it’s uncomfortable to hear that you don’t have the product in stock.

Our scanning solution offered within HaydiGO speeds up the routine work of warehouse workers and makes warehouse management much more effective. The application’s innovative processing and collection capabilities streamline all processes and ensure a smooth experience.

With the dropshipping method, which can be defined as selling without keeping your own product inventory, the company sends the orders received directly to the supplier so that the order is managed from the supplier’s own warehouse and shipped directly to the customer . The sales are thus made through the supplier without the need to maintain a stock position.