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Install printer in HaydiGO

To print packing slips, shipping labels and more, you need to install our Print Proxy Application and register it here. Then select the printers you want to use on this computer.

Log in to your HaydiGO account and go to settings

Reasons for refund

Scroll down and click on “Print Proxy Computers”

Print Proxy Computers

Overview with all linked printers

Here you will find a list of all linked printers. To add a new printer, download the Print Proxy Application.

Download application

Download application

Log in with your HaydiGO username and password

Print Proxy Application HaydiGO

Return to HaydiGO

Click on the blue plus sign on the right side of the screen to add your computer.

Printer Settings

Select your computer and printers here

Note: the printers must be connected to your computer. Only then will the application detect all printers connected to your computer.

Save and repeat the steps with all computers in your warehouse