PIM - Product Information Manager
Perfect Product Experience
HaydiGO's powerful and versatile PIM solution was designed to deliver a flawless product experience. With HaydiGO, you perfectly reflect your control over your products.
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WMS - Warehouse Management System
Complete Warehouse Management
Optimize the processes in the areas of inventory, equipment, logistics and order management with a fast and user-friendly WMS solution (Warehouse Management System). All processes from the supplier to the customer are more efficient than ever.
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Feed / Channel Manager
Convenient Management
HaydiGO's Channel Management solution is integrated with the PIM feature. This allows you to automatically transfer your data to many channels by automatically updating and listing, adding, subtracting, importing and exporting your data. HaydiGO automates all these time-consuming tasks.
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Internal Carrier Integration
Logistical Integrity
HaydiGO connects to shipping companies through its advanced API infrastructure and enables you to track product transfer processes in real time through HaydiGO. In addition to the integrated freight tracking system, all your work order processes are automatically integrated with your service providers.
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POS - Point Of Sale System
Integrated POS Management
Improve your customers' business relationships with your company by using the benefits of the HaydiGO POS system. Features such as adding and removing products, storage, invoicing and proposal submission via the mobile application help you to easily control your sales.
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What some of our customers are saying about us..
Since last year we’ve started our cooperation with this company, due to the fact that we’re growing so fast. This appeared to be a really good choice. The switch to their software was well guided and before we knew we were already live on our new WMS system. We’re really happy with our cooperation and with the fact that we made this transition.
Casper Ehrencron & Patrick Noij
Owners of partywinkel.nl
We have been a customer of this company for many years and can no longer do without their software. It gives us the opportunity to monitor and manage our inventory management optimally and at micro level. The stocks of our main warehouse and of our stores are linked to each other and to our CMS so that the customer always sees the stocks at the front in real time and we have no stocks in the stores that cannot be sold to our webshop customers. It is also important for us, especially in our high season, to process all orders through scan solution, an automated program, whereby orders are processed at a fast pace, with the correct stock feedback to our CMS system. This means that we can certainly process twice as many orders in a day than before. In short, FFS has ensured an efficiency boost within our e-commerce company!
Nicole Timmermans
Co-Owner Ibizamode.nl
A few of our customers..
Some of the features we offer
The dropshipping method allows you to conveniently sell without keeping your own stock. You can purchase your own orders from the supplier's warehouse and manage your sales.
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Predictive Purchase ordering systems are designed to increase the speed and consistency of ordering products in your warehouse from your suppliers.
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Our scan solution offered within HaydiGO accelerates the routine work of warehouse workers and makes warehouse management much more effective.
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