HaydiGO offers a unique software solution, in which Product Information Management (PIM) is combined with Warehouse and real-time inventory management (WMS). HaydiGO optimizes your e-business by automating all your online and logistics processes.

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HaydiGO offers the most advanced software to automate and manage e-commerce activities from one environment.

Product Information Manager (PIM)

HaydiGO’s powerful and versatile PIM solution is designed to deliver a flawless product experience. With HaydiGO you have full control over all your products from one central environment.

Inventory and warehouse management (WMS)

The warehouse management system (WMS) works in real-time and has an easy-to-use interface. Manage your orders, returns, stocks, warehouses and equipment from one central environment.

Data Feed Management

HaydiGO’s Channel Management solution is fully integrated with the PIM function. Automatically sync all product data across many channels by simply updating the data within HaydiGO. No technical background required.

Integration with parcel services

After you have checked your order on the packing table, you can easily choose the desired shipping method. HaydiGO offers integrations with almost all major B2C and B2B carriers.


HaydiGO’s WMS provides a consistent, reliable and fast way to manage your warehouse processes. Ideal for managing multiple webshops as a webshop owner or fulfillment company.

Work 10x faster with the GoDesk

Your webshops and parcel services are directly linked to HaydiGO. With our own integrated packing table software, the warehouse is aware of the orders that can be processed.

Integration with parcel services

After checking your order on the packing table, you can easily choose the desired shipping method. The linked label printer immediately prints the correct label. It is possible to design your print labels.

Real-time inventory management

Is the product sold through other channels? Then it is also immediately updated in all shops. This prevents products from being sold that are not in stock.

Different possibilities in one system

All-in-one online cloud environment

You save a lot of time because you no longer have to log in on different platforms.

Connect webshops and shipping services

Import all your orders, products and stocks in one handy overview.


Full control over all your products

Easily manage all your product information from HaydiGO through product lists.

Over 15 Years of Expertise in WMS

In addition to offering our software, we always provide advice to our customers.

Real-time inventory and warehouse management

Is the product sold through other channels? Then it will be updated in all shops.

Manage users, roles and permissions

Manage all users and roles with associated rights. Log in quickly with PIN code.

Design your own print and mail templates

Create your own email and design print templates per shop.

Multiple warehouse support

HaydiGO supports multiple warehouses from one central environment.


HaydiGO’s powerful and versatile warehouse software is designed to work very efficiently and quickly. With an easy-to-use interface, you can get started surprisingly quickly.

Leading experts in WMS

When standard functions are not enough, we use our extensive knowledge and creativity to provide solutions for any problem that may arise.

Customization possible

To ensure that your business grows, HaydiGO is open to customization. HaydiGO always looks for a suitable solution together.

Developed in 6 languages

HaydiGO is available in 6 different languages, namely; Dutch, English, French, German, Spanish and Turkish. More languages will be available in HaydiGO in the future.

All-in-one warehouse software

With our years of experience in software development, HaydiGO is designed for the user to manage product information and processes without any technical knowledge. With HaydiGO you have full control over your orders, products and customers from one central environment.


This is what our customers say about HaydiGO

Bryan Hoogkamer

CEO – E-Commerce Center

The possibilities and options at our disposal are truly endless. We have been working with the system for 2 years now and process a few million orders. HaydiGO distinguishes itself in the ease of use and flexibility. This applies to both the system and the communication with HaydiGO.

Casper Ehrencron & Patrick Noij

Owners partywinkel.nl

Given our rapid growth, we also started using this software last year. This turned out to be a very good choice. The transition was well supervised and before we knew it our WMS system was operational. Since then we have been working on this to our full satisfaction and are very happy with our collaboration.

Start now with haydigo

At HaydiGO we know very well that no two companies are the same and that everyone has their own business processes. That is why we not only show how our software works, but we also like to think along with you on certain issues that you may have when applying HaydiGO in your organization. Always handy and you are not just thrown in at the deep end like with other cloud solutions.

We don’t have to do it all in less than an hour and let’s take the time to :

Good to listen to you demands and wishes
– How HaydiGO works in practice and which benefits the you offers
All your questions to reply