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Product Information Manager

What is Product Information Manager?

A Product Information Manager is a management system where a company can collect product information in one environment. Within one interface, this information can be efficiently and quickly enriched with various languages, product catalogs and more! This product information is then distributed to sales or e-commerce channels at the click of a button. A good PIM solution makes it very quick and easy to provide a flawless product experience.

Why PIM?

With a Product Information Manager you can collect, manage and enrich all your product data in one environment. This ensures an improved customer experience on sales channels because your customers are optimally informed about products. A PIM improves the quality and consistency of product information.
Technical processes are solved by PIM and customer satisfaction increases. In addition, simplifying all processes with suppliers. .

Who needs PIM?

Those who work in a multi-channel structure and need a unified product data flow.
Those who want to strengthen their supplier relationships.
Those who are aware of the impact of quality on the sale of online products.
System administrators who want to track and meet their requirements.

The advantages of HaydiGO PIM

With our years of experience in software development, HaydiGO PIM is designed for the user to manage product information and processes without any technical knowledge. Our PIM system is easy to use so that companies can easily manage it themselves!

You can customize all product details as HaydiGO solves the technical requirements.
You can quickly market or update products across multiple channels and regions with the click of a button.
You simply update the data and HaydiGO PIM updates your product information to all connected channels.
No professional experience is required.
HaydiGO’s automatic translation feature allows you to work with multiple localizations from one interface.
HaydiGO has a universal structure. You determine and manage the conditions.
You can group products the way you want and customize the linking processes between products and groups.
No matter how complicated the scenarios seem, HaydiGO conquers and automates all the steps.
HaydiGO PIM’s unified product data stream experience is unique and undisclosed.

What does our PIM do for your company?

The practical structure of HaydiGO allows you to grow your business quickly while reducing personnel costs. Your staff will spend considerably less time processing product information. You are also not limited in your growth with HaydiGO. Our system grows with your company.

In addition, you spend less time managing your existing products and can focus on expanding your product portfolio. No more cluttered files; with HaydiGO you can do more with less effort.

Providing accurate product information also means more sales and fewer refunds. HaydiGO Product information manager increases your turnover quickly and with it the return that is earned per product.

In summary, with PIM it is possible to:

What is possible in our system? We’ll show you everything in a row!

Collect data from the database of existing suppliers
Collect data from existing ERP system
Easily define the data to integrate
Set the priority between different data sources
Enrich the product descriptions according to various parameters
Classify products and link them together.
Translate product information into multiple languages.
Check the data quality and ensure its completeness.
Easily manage multiple sales channels

All-in-one solution for your webshop

Interested in our product information manager and other e-commerce solutions? Discover HaydiGO’s all-in-one system with WMS, PIM, Data Feed Management and more!

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