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Integration Magento

Data feed management integration with Magento

Would you like to send your products from a PIM to your Magento webshop? This is easily arranged with the all-in-one solution from HaydiGO. With the HaydiGO software system, we do not deal with clumsy Excel files that have to be maintained manually. For us, the webshop is therefore not central as a product dispatcher, but the Product Information Manager (also known as PIM). Here you use all your products once and then they are sent out to other sales channels. These sales channels are online platforms such as your Magento webshop(s), bol.com, VidaXL and more; that is a direct data feed management link with Magento and other channels. This way you only have to put products in a system once and you can manage and adjust all information clearly.

– Send products to your Magento webshop and other channels

– Product Information Manager integration

– Automatically updated changes without import/export

– No technical knowledge is required: complete control and overview

– PIM, WMS, Data Feed Management, POS and Logistics integration in one

Not just a PIM, but also a WMS, POS, Transport and more

HaydiGO is not only a Data Feed Manager with PIM integration, but you get much more with HaydiGO. It is not only a PIM, but also has a WMS, POS, Logistics integration and of course the Data Feed manager. It is a central (web) shop system that contains all the necessary modules to take your shop to a higher level. This is possible with the HaydiGO all-in-one solution. All these modules are located under one interface. This is ideal for automating processes and keeping yourself in control. So you can keep this entire process within your own organization, because it is clear and no technical knowledge is required.

Store automation with Magento

Do you want to automate your Magento webshop? Via our PIM integration you can easily create a link with your Magento webshop. You put all products with the correct categories in the PIM and send them to the web store in real time. Via order link you then receive the purchases in the WMS system within your HaydiGO interface. Because all modules are in a system, these automations are easy to set up.

Multilingual Magento webshops are no problem for HaydiGO either. HaydiGO’s PIM includes several translation options, so English, German, French, and more are quickly set up per product! In addition, shipments from different warehouses with automatic mails are also arranged with 1 click.

Link with Magento and HaydiGO?

HaydiGO is happy to help you optimize your Magento feed. No more manual import and export, but an automatic system that you have control over! This way you have the best Data feed management connection with Magento.

Contact our team for the possibilities.