Cash Register System

Point Of Sale System

What does POS mean?

A POS, also called point of sale, generally means: the place where the sale takes place. In a broad sense, a POS can be an entire department store, a market or a city, because these are all places where something can be bought or sold. However, this is not the case for retailers. For them, point-of-sale usually means the place around the cash register or counter where payment is made. Point of sale is for that reason also called point of purchase.

HaydiGO POS – POS Software

A cash register system is also a free translation of a POS system, but actually the name ‘cash register’ does the system short. A normal cash register is for checkout, but a POS system or cash register software system also shows customer data, sales statistics and stock information. The term ‘checkout’ does not cover the charge. Of course you can pay with both a POS system or cash register system, regardless of whether this is money, debit card, credit card or post-payment.
A POS or cash register system is a cash register combined with powerful marketing tools, an integrated CRM system, extensive inventory management options. For an overview, the Point-of-Sale system contains a solid report. This way you always have insight and control in the store.

Universal application

HaydiGO’s POS system works on both a tablet and web software. This has been developed so that you have insight into your business anywhere and at any time. This allows you to easily view products, invoices and even inventory status from the tablet.

Real-time & online combined stock system

Products that have been removed from the inventory in the HaydiGO POS system are immediately updated in the WMS inventory management system. If there is no stock in the system, the system will automatically redirect to another store with the product’s stock. This way, customers can find out where to find the missing product. This way you can help your customers immediately!

Full Integration with PIM, WMS and more!

The HaydiGO POS system integrates real-time with our PIM, WMS and other HaydiGO modules. As a result, all processes such as product intake/acceptance and inventory acceptance are automatically assigned to the product and warehouse management systems. This eliminates the complexity of the management process and offers high user-friendliness.

Store/ Retail automation

No technical knowledge is required to manage these systems. This gives your company complete insight and control over your (web) store software systems. Because all modules are linked, a PIM, WMS, POS, Logistics & Datafeed Management, you can use different automation rules. Ideal if you want to automate your retail store without losing control!