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Data Feed Management

What is Data Feed Management?


With a Data Feed Management system, companies can directly send products to other sales channels. Think of channels such as bol.com or VidaXL. You send your products with one click to comparison sites, marketplaces and affiliate networks.

HaydiGO’s Data Feeds and Channel Management help your business improve sales campaign results by optimizing product data. HaydiGO makes product data instantly visible across multiple channels and marketplaces by managing the flow of channels in a centralized manner. No more Excel files or manual import!

You can directly link the following eCommerce systems and sales channels with HaydiGO’s Data Feed Management system. Check out all our linking and integrations!<

HaydiGO Data Feeds and Channel Management Features

PIM integration

HaydiGO’s Datafeed management solution is integrated into our PIM (Product Information Manager) functionality. You simply put your products in the HaydiGO PIM system and then manage them via data lists. So you only have to add a product to the system once and then choose which connected channels you want to send it to. Changes are also automatically synced to multiple channels.

Automatic listing

With HaydiGO you can update data lists automatically without importing or exporting them for every data change you make to the product data. All changes are automatically updated on all connected channels.

Correct product classification

Avoid confusion by easily classifying data streams of your products. With HaydiGO you can significantly increase the visibility of the channel and reach the right audience by using properly categorized products.

Effective data stream control

Take charge of your data stream to multiple channels. HaydiGO ensures that your channels are always up-to-date with the latest product data. You can easily monitor and manage the quality of your data stream and make all changes to HaydiGO in one central system. This greatly improves the quality and transparency of the data flow.

Automate with API

Do you have different sales channels and do you handle orders separately? With an automatic order link via API you receive all your orders on one system.
HaydiGO’s advanced API infrastructure makes it easy to connect e-commerce channels to the system and update the data there automatically. In this way, orders from the channels are sent directly to HaydiGO WMS and products can be easily managed from here.