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Integrations & Partners

eCommerce platform links.

Do you want to link and automate your eCommerce webshop? This is easily arranged with the all-in-one solution from HaydiGO. We work with PIM integration and API connections to make your eCommerce sales run as smoothly as possible. You will therefore find the ideal webshop integrations at HaydiGO. ECommerce connections are possible with the following platforms:

Marketplace Integrations

Do you want to sell more on marketplaces via Data Feed Management? All your sales channels can be linked with HaydiGO. All orders are processed centrally. These links are possible with:

Parcel Delivery & Shipping Link

With HaydiGO you receive all your orders clearly via a centralized WMS and Data Feed Manager. From the WMS system you can process orders and also choose suppliers. Within a few clicks, your shipment is already on its way and the customer is notified. Direct links with deliverers are possible at, among others, the following parties:

DHL Express
DHL Logo
b2c europe

Fulfillment partners

Offering the best opportunities: we do this together with our fulfillment partners. The best logistics, systems, and service connected!

Coming this year

We are constantly working on creating new webshop connections and integrations. We have various links that will be developed this year:

Do you also want to improve your warehouse software with HaydiGO? Ask for the possibilities!

We are happy to give you personal advice and help you choose an online store software. Contact our HaydiGO team!