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Edit or add print templates

In HaydiGO you have the option to edit your print templates or create a new one. The print templates can differ per webshop and it is therefore possible to use different print templates per webshop. In this manual we show you how to change print templates and assign them to a webshop.

Create your own templates for packing, picking, returns and barcode labels.

Our template editor supports Liquid’s open-source language, which was developed by Shopify and written in Ruby. For more information about using the Liquid language in the templates, it’s best to visit the Liquid website.

Log in to your HaydiGO account and go to settings

Refund reasons

Scroll down and click on “Print templates”

Print templates

List of Print Templates

Here you will find a list of all your print templates. To change, click on the name of the template. To add a new email template, click on the blue plus sign in the top right corner.

list of print templates

Edit or add a new print template and link the correct template to the webshop