WMS, PIM & Data Feed Management in 1 System

Looking for an all-in-1 software solution for your webshop and physical store?

It can be difficult to find a good software system that fits your business. With a separate PIM system and a separate WMS, it can be difficult to oversee hundreds, if not thousands, of products. That should be easier.

Fortunately, HaydiGO offers the ideal all-in-1 system. You have your WMS, PIM, and Data Feed Management and more in 1 clear interface. But how exactly does it work? And what are the options? We are happy to explain.

What’s in the HaydiGO system?

The HaydiGO system is unique. Never before have webshops and fulfillment companies had so many options within 1 system.

1. WMS: Warehouse Management System in real time.
2. PIM: Product Information Manager
3. Data feed management
4. Logistics Integration

Product Information Management

The WMS software from HaydiGO gives you complete control over your warehouse processes. From the ordering process and order picking, to automatic assembly between warehouses and communication to the customer, with HaydiGO you can oversee these processes at a glance.

This accurate software works in real-time and automatically updates inventory between locations and warehouses. Orders and transactions are also tracked live and with the blockchain infrastructure, data will never be deleted or changed. This way you are always sure about your data!

Product Information Management

The PIM system from HaydiGO makes managing your products incredibly easy. You don’t have to switch between your webshop and other channels, but manage everything from HaydiGO. Would you like to change this? Then everything is updated within a few seconds and the changes are immediately live.

The PIM system also makes communication with different suppliers easier. From order communication to a supplier, to choosing a warehouse. It all becomes clear.

Data Feed Management

Do you want to sell your online products on multiple marketplaces and channels? This is partly possible thanks to our integrated PIM system. No more difficulties with Excel files, but put your products in a data list with 1 click of a button and synchronize them on other channels.

Data feed management for webshops has never been so easy. Thanks to an advanced API structure, you can easily link your products to HaydiGO. This also includes order linking, where you receive all orders in the WMS system and can manage all purchases in one place.

Logistics integration

To complete the picture, HaydiGO’s software system also offers transport integration. Inside the logistics integration system you can create various shipping profiles to communicate directly with transport companies such as your own transport company, PostNL, DHL, and more. You automatically send the correct data and shipping wishes per transport company.

Did you know that you can directly print shipping labels with HaydiGO software? If desired, our system also sends Track & Trace information to the consumer (with mail templates that you can compile in the system). This way your transport process works optimally for your customers!

Want to try the unique all-in-1 system?

Interested in the HaydiGO software system? Check out all the features: WMS, PIM, and more, and see if this is the ideal solution for your online store. You can now try the system for free and without obligation.

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