How does HaydiGO work?

Warehouse software from HaydiGO


Inventory and Warehouse Management

Warehouse Management System (WMS) is software that allows you to manage all critical processes in the distribution chain such as inventory, warehouse, equipment, logistics and ordering processes from one source with a highly advanced system.

High Efficiency

A good warehouse management system plays an important role in achieving your company’s efficiency goals. HaydiGO’s WMS provides a consistent, reliable and fast way to manage your warehouse processes. Employees can access the resources and information they need at exactly the right time with the least amount of effort, while achieving the highest level of efficiency.

Real-time inventory and warehouse management

Many WMSs require a lot of effort to update past transactions and capture current processes. HaydiGO WMS works in real time. This approach allows you to plan instead of researching what is happening. The easy-to-use user interface of HaydiGO WMS makes it easy for new users to get the job done. HaydiGO WMS is designed with an easy-to-understand structure to provide employees with a fast and easy-to-use experience. Getting started with HaydiGO can be surprisingly quick compared to other alternatives.

HaydiGO – Salesorder details

HaydiGO Salesorder details

HaydiGO – Purchase order details

HaydiGO purchase order

Integration with parcel services

After checking your order on the packing table, you can easily choose the desired shipping method. HaydiGO offers integrations with almost all major B2C and B2B carriers. When you have selected the shipping method, the linked label printer immediately prints the correct label.

HaydiGO – GoDesk (Packing table software)

HaydiGO GoDesk

HaydiGO – GoDesk – Processing order

Processing order in HaydiGO

Perfect automation

HaydiGO offers you the possibility to create shipping profiles, so that you can communicate easily and quickly with your transport companies, such as PostNL, DHL, DPD, BPOST and more. These profiles allow you to seamlessly integrate all the shipping options from a particular carrier and make a choice available when an order is picked up, processed and ready to be shipped to the customer. After your label is printed, you can even set up HaydiGO to automatically notify your customers of track and trace information.

Fully automated via email and API

HaydiGO also allows you to create email templates to automatically notify or communicate with your carriers through their API. Out-of-the-box, HaydiGO already offers integrations with many transport companies such as PostNL, GLS, DPD, BPOST, DHL and many more.

Central management of all your products | PIM

PIM products HaydiGO

All the advantages of HaydiGO PIM at a glance

With our years of experience in software development, HaydiGO PIM is designed for the user to manage product information and processes without any technical knowledge.

  • You can customize all product details as HaydiGO solves the technical requirements.
  • This allows you to get your products to market as quickly as possible across multiple channels and regions.
  • You simply update the data and HaydiGO PIM updates your product information to all connected channels.
  • With just a few clicks, you can ensure that even the smallest updates you want to make to your product information are reflected across all your sales channels. No professional experience is required.
  • The practical structure of HaydiGO allows you to grow your business quickly while reducing personnel costs.
  • HaydiGO’s automatic translation feature allows you to work with multiple localizations from one interface.
  • HaydiGO has a universal structure. You determine and manage the conditions.
  • You can group products the way you want and customize the linking processes between products and groups.
At HaydiGO we know very well that no two companies are the same and that everyone has their own business processes. That is why we not only show how our software works, but we also like to think along with you on certain issues that you may have when applying HaydiGO in your organization. Always handy and you are not just thrown in at the deep end like with other cloud solutions.

With us it doesn’t have to be done in less than an hour and we take the time to:

Listen carefully to your requirements and wishes
– How HaydiGO works in practice and what benefits it offers you
Answer all your questions

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