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Process order / pick list in HaydiGO

This is a guide to processing orders in HaydiGO’s GoDesk.

Log in to your HaydiGO account and go to the GoDesk

godesk image

Picklist overview

The screen opens the GoDesk in which existing pick lists are displayed from the web shops. You can see the status of a pick list by the color of the row. Green is pickable and purple is already packed. You can also filter by stores, country of destination, parcel service and number of order lines.


Print pick lists

Select the orders you want to pick and press the “Start Picking” button. If the correct computer is selected at the top right of your screen, the pick lists are automatically printed and you can start picking.

Start picking

Picking orders

Use the printed picking slip to go to the locations and put the right products in your cart, for example. When you have finished picking the products, you can go back to the packing table and GoDesk application.

Process orders

Then click on the order you want to pack. You do this by clicking “process” . The packing slip will be printed automatically.

You will then be taken to the screen to scan and pack the products. Use your scanner and scan the EAN of the products.

process order

Fulfilling orders

You will then be taken to the screen to scan and pack the products. Use your scanner and scan the EAN of the products. If you have picked up and scanned the correct product, the order line will turn green.

Make sure you scan the correct numbers. If you scan too many products, the system will give a clear warning. In this way the system prevents errors and the margins of error remain small. It is also possible that a product contains multiple locations. The system then asks the picker from which location the products were collected. See the screenshots below.

Packing orders

Warning example

Order warning

Choosing location of a product with multiple locations

choose product location

Process order and create shipment

Click on “create shipment” . On the left you can choose the correct shipping service. If a standard shipping service has been chosen at the webshop, it will be selected automatically. On the right side of the screen you see the package and contact details of the order.

To process the order, click again on “create shipment” and the shipping label rolls out of your linked printer. Stick the shipping label on the box and your order has been processed!