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Connect DHL to HaydiGO

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To realize the link between HaydiGO and DHL, we need a number of data. Below we explain where you can look up this information.

The required data:

DHL data


Step 1

Log in to your DHL Parcel account

Step 2

Click on your username in the top right and then Settings. Open the API Keys folder.

Step 3

Then click on ”New API key” to create a new key. This gives HaydiGO access to your account. Enter HaydiGO as the description and choose Generate API key.

Step 4

You will now see a UserId and Key, which you need in HaydiGO. The API key url is: api-gw.dhlparcel.nl


Save all data.

Step 5

The last step is to share the data below with the HaydiGO team, so that we can implement and check the integration with DHL.

Create a new email and send it to the HaydiGO support email address (support@haydigo.com)

Your topic structure should be as follows:

Connect  “Shipping Service Name”

Example topic: Link DHL

The content of your email should contain the following information:

– Shipping platform

– API key URL

– DHL username and password

– AccountID and Key

Step 6

Enter the correct shipping code.

Bol.com: To find the correct transport code, go to the bol.com page -> https://developers.bol.com/appendix-a-transporters/

How you finally set up the API Transport code in HaydiGO is shown in the video below.