Fewer human errors in Inventory Management

Fewer mistakes HaydiGO

We all make a mistake sometimes. That’s just human. The HaydiGO system gives warnings in several places when, for example, scanning a product too much (see image above).

As a company you have a surprising amount of influence on errors, human or not. Errors can have many different underlying causes. Has an order not been processed correctly? Then this may be due to the system, communication, track & trace, the information entered in the website and much more.

This is also the case with inventory management. There are many tasks within the process and this can be error prone. If one task goes wrong, the next one cannot be executed properly. Learn how to improve your inventory management to reduce human errors!

1. Choose an easy-to-use WMS

Do you use a WMS system? Then the process starts here. The number of stock, units, weight, order picking, and more.

It is important that you make these processes as easy as possible for your employees. This starts with a clear WMS system. Many companies use a complicated WMS that requires technical knowledge. This can cause problems. The more difficult the WMS is to use, the greater the potential for human error.

At HaydiGO, we saw this problem more and more often: companies have to hire someone again to keep up with all systems. However, as a company you prefer to have full control. That’s why we have a WMS, PIM, Data Feed Manager and more in one system .

In this way, companies can keep an overview and control within one interface that does not require any technical knowledge.

2. The easier for staff, the better

Are there certain steps that staff must perform to process orders? Make this as easy as possible. Remove unnecessary steps from the process and be consistent in the way the company works.

3. All your E-commerce systems in one

Do you use a PIM, WMS, Data feed management and Logistics communication for your store? Then the management of different systems is very unclear and is therefore much more prone to errors.

HaydiGO is a unique all-in-one system. With a Product Information Manager, Warehouse Management System, Data feed Manager and logistics integration in one overview, HaydiGO allows you to manage all components yourself.

This makes a handy link to further automate the process. This way your company will be faced with fewer mistakes!

HaydiGO WMS, PIM, and more!

Interested in the all-in-one system from HaydiGO? Start discovering our system today. Ask our team directly about the possibilities, we will be happy to help you!