WMS for Large Companies: what should you pay attention to?

Choosing a WMS for a large company can be a bit tricky. There are many factors that you need to take into account. Which are they?

Finding a WMS (warehouse management system) that suits your company can be difficult. There are several factors that you as a company have to take into account. These can be major points of attention, but also the small integrations should not be forgotten. Read what you should pay attention to as a large organization when choosing a warehouse management system.

1. WMS System Features

There are many WMS systems that organizations can choose from. It is understandable that as an organization it is difficult to find the differences between WMS systems. However, as an online store software expert, we can assure you that these differences are crucial when choosing the ideal software.

During your search it is important to consider the possibilities. For example, here are some crucial differences in WMS:

Real-time inventory management or daily updates?

Blockchain data structure or changeable data?

Integration with other systems or a separate system?

Possible to add barcode solutions?

With automated back-order options?

For an example of properties, see: WMS HaydiGO .

2. Capabilities with other systems

Many WMS systems that are offered only offer a warehouse management system. There is no possibility to link or centralize other systems.

As a larger webshop you spend a lot of time managing many different systems: PIM, Data feed management, transport, POS, and more. To keep a WMS next to this takes a lot of time and money. Therefore, look at the possibilities and connections of a WMS system.

Make sure you don’t end up with “Add-ons” or integrations from 20 different parties!

HaydiGO, for example, offers unique software that links PIM, WMS, Data feed management, and more in a well-organized system. This is clear working and takes less time to review or update. You work with your entire company from one interface.

3. Integration with existing structure

How easy is it to integrate a new WMS into the structure of your organization?

The busier a webshop and physical store become, the more tools and systems are needed to process all purchases. For example, you probably already work with some systems. It is important that a WMS connects to your existing structure.

Look at properties such as adjustable rules (Rule Engine), adaptability on other platforms and data flow options. For example, adaptable rules ensure that a WMS is adaptable to organizations with different needs and business models.

4. WMS automation capabilities

The faster and easier you can work with a WMS, the better of course. That’s why automation is so important to businesses. Automation greatly speeds up a process and takes a lot of time and effort away from an enterprise.

Therefore, always ask about the automation options with your warehouse software. Do not only think of the warehouse, but also any other links that can be automated.

5. WMS usability

A warehouse software system is sometimes managed by a professional. However, if you are unfamiliar with WMS and want to keep control yourself, it is important to look at the user-friendliness.

Every WMS system is different. That is why it is important to research the interface and how you use the system. View the system in photos, videos, a free trial or demo.

WMS all-in-one solution

At HaydiGO you will not find a separate WMS system. Our unique software system is a combination of all software systems that a webshop and store needs: a WMS, PIM, Data Feed Management, POS, and Logistics integration in one. Everything connected, so that you as an entrepreneur have more control.

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