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Link Sendcloud to HaydiGO


Seamless integration with Sendcloud

With Sendcloud you can switch between a wide range of carriers to save costs for shipments at home and abroad. Add your own contract, use Sendcloud’s rates, or both. Then simply link your account in HaydiGO.

Easily connect Sendcloud to your account yourself

To set up the link between HaydiGO and Sendcloud we need the API URL + Public key + Secret key (from the API) and the Partner Identifier. You can request the API data using the step-by-step plan below.


Log in to your HaydiGO Account and go to settings in the left menu and click on parcel services.

Link parcel service

Click on the blue plus at the top right and choose Sendcloud here

Enter the name here: “Sendcloud” and choose your send email template. By default this is the template: “Shipping confirmation to customer (Including T&T)”

In the third tab click on “provider settings”

sendcloud data


Step 1

Enter the API URL. The Sendcloud API URL is the same for everyone: https://panel.sendcloud.sc/api/

Step 2

Log in to your Sendcloud environment and navigate to Settings -> integrations.

Step 3

Choose the integration: Sendcloud API. Click Link.

Step 4

On the opened page, enter the name of the link (HaydiGO). And scroll down and click Save.

Step 5

You will now see the Public key and the Secret key. Copy and paste both keys into the provider settings in HaydiGO.

Step 6

You can find your partner identification number in Sendcloud at: Settings -> My addresses -> and in the URL you will find 6 numbers at the end -> you also enter this in HaydiGO.

Step 7

If you have set up shipping rules per webshop in Sendcloud, you can enable the option “Call directly to the label service”. This way you do not have to click on the shipping profile in the GOdesk, but it will automatically go to the correct profile. Click on save at the top right.

Step 8

Now go to profiles and add your shipping profiles. Note: only add shipping profiles that are activated in your Sendcloud. Give your shipping profile a name and click add.

NOTE: If you upload a contract with a shipping service in Sendcloud, you must first request a custom code from Sendcloud. Then choose the top profile type (Custom profile) and give it a name. You will then see it in the list and enter the requested code under “SCSenderID”.

Step 9

When you have added all profiles, enter the correct transport code. This is relevant for Bol.com sellers.

Bol.com: To find the correct transport code per shipping profile, go to the bol.com page -> https://developers.bol.com/appendix-a-transporters/

How you finally set up the API Transporter code in HaydiGO, is shown in the video below.


Step 10

To provide the correct track and trace URL for each shipping service, we have provided a list below that you can copy and paste at the relevant shipping service.

    Step 11

    Save all changed data and your link with sendcloud is ready! If you can’t figure it out, please contact support.