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What can you do if an order does not arrive in HaydiGO? (Marketplace sales order tool)

Marketplace Salesorder Tool

It can sometimes happen that something is not processed, then you have to use our Marketplace Sales order tool.

Navigate to your sales order overview

HaydiGO sales orders click

Log in to your HaydiGO account.

Within your portal, navigate on the left to ‘sell orders’.

Click on action and then on MarketPlace Salesorder Tool

HaydiGO marketplace salesorder tool

Then select your webshop, enter the order number, perform a check and fix the order. Check whether your order can be seen in the system after 10 minutes.

HaydiGO marketplace salesorder tool popup

Common errors:

– Product not found: First create a product and add it to the product list and use the MPS tool again and press fix.