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Connect Lightspeed to HaydiGO

This is a guide to make a link between Lightspeed and HaydiGO.

We are working on an upcoming release where our customers will be able to add marketplace integrations to their product list and stores themselves, such as shopify, lightspeed, woocommerce or other marketplace integrations that HaydiGO currently offers.

– Lightspeed orders and products are automatically imported into HaydiGO every 10 minutes, instantly updating inventory and creating a pick list in the GODesk.

All products with SKU and EAN codes are imported into HaydiGO or matched with existing products in a chosen product list. Every 10 minutes, new products created in Lightspeed are also added in HaydiGO. We immediately include all standard Lightspeed fields.

– Update and sync inventory: Is the product sold through other channels? Then it will also be updated directly in Lightspeed.

– Order status: Orders that have been processed in the GOdesk are automatically set to processed in Lightspeed. The system directly links your shipment to the products in Lightspeed and thus completes the orders.

Send required information to support@haydigo.com

The following information is required:

For the link we need the admin data of the shop, because the link can only be generated via a special URL in the back-end of HaydiGO and Lightspeed.

– Credentials.