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How do you process stocks in HaydiGO? (Inbound/purchase orders)

Different ways

The article below shows all options for adding stock.

Option 1 – The HaydiGO way (fulfillment)

If a customer is going to report something, they do so with a purchase order or inbound. They can create this purchase order in HaydiGO. In this they indicate the order lines, what the order and expected delivery date is. The purchase order will appear in the GoDesk and you can process the purchase order.

Step 1: Create purchase order (by customer)

The purchase order will appear in the portal under purchase orders and in the GoDesk under “Purchase/Inbound”. Now you have to wait until the order has actually been delivered to your warehouse. Then the processing and increasing of stock can begin.

Step 2: Products arrived at the warehouse -> processing the purchase order

Click on the print label in the order line to immediately print a label.

Print label

Option 2: Manually order products from supplier – Create purchase order (dropshipping/webshop owners)

purchase orders settings

Step 1:

Log in to your HaydiGO account.

Within your portal, navigate on the left to purchase orders.

Note: Adjust email templates if necessary. The mails of purchase orders are automatically sent to the supplier.

It is also possible in HaydiGO to have your purchase order sent directly to the customer. By means of e-mail templates that you have compiled, an e-mail will be sent to the supplier that the order must be sent directly to the customer.

Tip GoDesk: if you hold down the plus sign, you can select larger numbers.

Option 2: Manually adjust stocks (corrections)

It is also possible to manually adjust the stocks. This is not advised unless corrections need to be made. Why don’t we recommend this? The system works with reservations, if products are reserved and this is manually corrected, errors can occur in the system.

Video: Manually adjust stock + Inventory log