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How can I define my shipping options per shop?

Navigate to settings

Log in to your HaydiGO account.

Within your portal, navigate on the left to ‘settings’. Here you go to webshops

WMS settings HaydiGO
HaydiGO webshops

Click on the webshop for which you want to select the shipping option.

Webshops HaydiGO

Click on other settings

HaydiGO other settings

Scroll down until you see shipment settings and fill in the details.

Shipment settings

Note: parcel services must be linked in HaydiGO otherwise they will not be listed. You can find out how to link parcel services here.

HaydiGO TIP – Order fulfillment with one product

If you scroll further down you will find the option to choose a standard parcel service for orders with one product.

Order processing with a product