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Connect Bol.com to HaydiGO

This is a guide to create a link between Bol.com and HaydiGO.

We are working on an upcoming release where our customers will be able to add marketplace integrations to their product list and stores themselves, such as shopify, lightspeed, woocommerce or other marketplace integrations that HaydiGO currently offers.

– Orders and products from bol.com are automatically imported into HaydiGO every 10 minutes, immediately updating the stock and creating a pick list in the GODesk.

– All products with SKU and EAN codes are imported into HaydiGO or matched with existing products in a chosen product list. New products created in Bol.com are also added to HaydiGO every 10 minutes. We immediately include all standard Bol.com fields. Use Bol.com Open API data to import product images if you only sell products via bol.com.

– Update and sync inventory: Is the product sold through other channels? Then it will also be updated directly in Bol.com.

– Process cancellations of open orders: Customers can cancel (part of) an order. Every ten minutes HaydiGO checks whether anything has changed in the open orders regarding possible cancellations. This prevents products from being sent that do not need to be shipped.

– Complete order status + send track&trace code to bol.com: Orders that have been processed in the GOdesk are automatically placed on processed in bol.com. The system directly links your shipment to the products in bol.com and thus completes the orders. This means you no longer have to log in to the bol.com ordering environment.


Step 1

Log in to bol.com via https://login.bol.com/login with your seller login details.

Step 2

Click on your account in the top right and click on Settings.

Step 3

In the block to the right under Services, click API Settings.

Step 4

Click on Create under Client credentials and enter the name “HaydiGO”.

Step 5

You will now see a Client ID in your overview. With a show secret link underneath.

Step 6

Create a product list and a webshop. You can read how to do that in the articles below.


Step 7

The last step is now to share these access keys with the HaydiGO team, so that we can set up the integration with Bol.com.

Create a new email and send it to the HaydiGO support email address (support@haydigo.com)

To link a webshop to a marketplace, we really recommend the following steps, so that everything goes very quickly and smoothly and you can go online/live as soon as possible. 

Your topic structure should be as follows:

Wijs nieuwe marktplaats toe aan ‘Haydigo-winkelnaam’ / ‘HaydiGO-productwinkelnaam’ | ‘Marktplaatsnaam’.

Voorbeeld onderwerp: Nieuwe marktplaats toewijzen aan MyWebshop / MyShopProductList | Bol.com

De inhoud van uw e-mail moet de volgende informatie bevatten:


– Marktplaatsnaam (Bol.com)

– Winkel naam

— Naam productwinkel / lijst

– Winkeleigenaar/beheerder contact e-mailadres en/of telefoonnummer

– API-sleutel 

– API-geheim (indien van toepassing op marktplaats)

– Als er een landen filter moet zijn voor het ontvangen van bestellingen (specificeer landen welke bestellingen niet aan HaydiGO moeten worden toegevoegd).

– Inloggegevens naar webshop, zodat we kunnen controleren/verifiëren dat de integratie werkt (indien winkeleigenaar dit toestaat)

– Wanneer wil je live gaan met deze marktplaats?

We always harvest produce first so you can assign locations and inventory to products. After this, you can usually ask us to enable order harvesting from Marketplace so that orders are added to HaydiGO and you can fulfill those orders.

Step 8

Enter the correct shipping code

If you do not buy a label from bol.com, you must provide your own transport data by filling in the transportCode and trackAndTrace fields. By filling in the carrier element, you indicate that you are using your own purchased/generated label. To find the correct transport code, go to the bol.com page -> https://developers.bol.com/appendix-a-transporters/

How you finally set up the API Transport code in HaydiGO is shown in the video below.