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Inventory management

Real-time Inventory Management

A shortage of stock is annoying for many traders and stores. After telling your customer that a product is available in abundance, it’s uncomfortable to hear that you don’t have the product in stock.
HaydiGO’s real-time inventory management solution eliminates this tricky situation. HaydiGO ensures that your inventory is continuously updated automatically and immediately checks your inventory without you having to do anything else.

Features of the HaydiGO Inventory Management System

Integration of PIM and WMS

HaydiGO’s PIM and WMS integration makes it easy to manage your inventory. It is very easy to transfer products from the PIM system to the WMS and manage all your data flows from one hub. With HaydiGO’s integrated structure, real-time inventory tracking is no hassle.

In Real Time

In many warehouse management solutions, updating past transactions and recording the current status is a major effort. HaydiGO works in real time. With this approach, you can see the status of your inventory right away. So instead of following what’s happening, you can spend time on your planning.

Secure via Blockchain and immutable data structure

With HaydiGO’s inventory management solution, your data is stored simultaneously in the blockchain infrastructure or as immutable data. The data stored in our infrastructure cannot be reset or deleted. This ensures the consistency of your data by having all data examined in the event of a problem. Currently, blockchain integration is only offered in our dedicated business licensing model. Other licensing models use our secure immutable data structure.


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