PIM system for multiple languages

Do you manage multi-language webshops and do you use a PIM system? Then it must be possible to adapt it to multiple languages and details.

Finding a PIM system that fits well with your organization can be a challenge if you have specific wishes per language and/or product. As an entrepreneur, it is important that you inform yourself well about the possibilities of product information manager systems.

HaydiGO: unique PIM system

HaydiGO’s PIM system is a unique software system that offers integrated capabilities with WMS, PIM, Data Feed Management and more. Multi-language webshops and shops can also handle the language functions and attributes well. We will explain how this is possible.

Automatic PIM translation function

The Product Information Manager offers an automatic translation function. This allows you to work with multiple localizations from one interface.

All products have an automatic translation function within the PIM system. This allows you to easily and quickly make translations per product within the same screen.

Distinguish product information per language

You can assign different attributes to different channels and languages. This way you can show different information for each language that is relevant to your target group. For example, with one language you can put a short or long description while it does not affect the other languages. Prices, photos, and other information may also differ per language.

No technical knowledge required

One of the distinguishing factors of HaydiGO is that entrepreneurs themselves can keep up with their systems within one interface, without the need for professional experience. As an employer or employee, no technical knowledge is required to keep track of your PIM, WMS, and more.

HaydiGO solves all technical requirements and makes it easy for entrepreneurs to manage their own information and systems.

As a company, you therefore have full control and insight into the information at a glance. This takes away a lot of valuable time in communication and problem solving.

Information updated immediately

When you have written and saved translations, they are automatically updated on all connected channels. This way, your information and thus also the multilingual channels remain up to date with the latest information.

PIM integration with WMS, Data Feed Management, and more

A big difference between HaydiGO and other systems is that you have all the necessary systems within 1 interface. It is a true all-in-one solution.

With this unique software you have your PIM, WMS, Data Feed Management and Logistics integration all directly linked and clearly arranged in one system. The possibilities, options and connections are therefore easier to set up than with other separate systems.

Want to try all-in-one system?

Does the HaydiGO system fit the needs of your organization? Then you can immediately start testing the system. Contact our team and ask about the possibilities!