Logistic integration with GLS




Do you have an international webshop? Then GLS is an ideal supplier. With international delivery, GLS is a well-known supplier throughout Europe, but also in North America. Customers in North America can therefore also be served quickly!


Connect webshop software in HaydiGO

Thanks to a direct API link with GLS and HaydiGO, it becomes a lot easier to contact the supplier directly with an order. Via shipping profiles you can immediately create an email with all the necessary information for the supplier. By automating these processes, you prevent incorrect information or insufficient communication with the customer. Not only sending becomes more efficient, but also all other channels. Inventory management, Data feed management and the POS are updated immediately. This way you optimize customer experiences in your stores.

Why GLS as a supplier?

GLS delivers to more than 40 European countries, 8 American and also Canada. It is important for international (web) shops and organizations that this network is fast and reliable. GLS is a recognized supplier that cooperates with various parties. They have a large delivery network! Packages, pallets and freight are not an issue here.
Read more about the possibilities at GLS.