Data Feed Manager: How To Choose The Best Feed Tool?

Choosing the right Datafeed Management Tool can be tricky. There are many different providers with various systems and working methods. Still, you are probably looking for a Data Feed Manager that suits your needs. How do you choose it?

A Datafeed Manager is a handy tool for companies that want to grow beyond their own webshop. A Datafeed Manager sends out the necessary product information to various marketplaces such as

We explain the possibilities!

Excel, API Links, or PIM

Excel data feed

There are many Datafeed Managers that still use Excel files. Often cheaper parties offer this option. This is useful for smaller businesses that need to watch their budget.

What is a disadvantage of Excel?

As a company, however, you will have to spend a lot of time here preparing the Excel files and keeping the information up-to-date. If there is an error in the file, it will be difficult to find and the other information may also be affected.

Also, these are not connected in real time and are usually updated once a day.

API link as Data Feed

An API link is a real-time connection between the webshop and a sales channel. So is something being updated about the stock or a product? Then this changes immediately. This way you always keep your stock and information automatically up-to-date.

PIM integration with Data Feed Manager

For a PIM integration with a Datafeed Manager you can contact HaydiGO. Our unique software system allows your Product Information Manager to send information directly to relevant sales channels. The connection is made via API, but you can make the data unique per platform. This way you have unique product information everywhere.

You simply put products in your PIM system, then you categorize them in product lists, choose the attributes you want to display and then send them out to the desired sales channels.

An advantage with HaydiGO is that your WMS is also connected to it. This way all orders come in in one system and you don’t have to switch between different sales accounts.

Price isn’t everything

If you have a webshop, it is easy to jump to the cheapest data feed provider. However, this is not always the best choice. Many cheaper options are limited and take a lot of staff or own time to set up. In the end you may lose more than on an automatic system.

So don’t hesitate to ask what is or is not possible with the system.

Free testing and support

A lure for data feed systems is to offer a free test where you can “use” your own products for free. Do you want to go live? Then you have to pay.

If you do a free test, you should keep in mind that several things can go wrong with going live. A free test is perfectly fine, but what is crucial here is a support option. From experience, some providers only respond to emails once a day and cannot be reached by phone. Of course you don’t want that if something goes wrong or if you run into problems!

Technical knowledge

Is technical knowledge required for the system or do you need to hire someone? Excel files for Datafeed managers are difficult to set up than entrepreneurs often think. For example, keep in mind that 1 Excel file may not be enough and that you have to link a second file to it.

At HaydiGO we wanted to make this as easy as possible for customers. Our all-in-one system is therefore clear and easy to use. No technical knowledge is required for this!

Data Feed Manager with PIM integration?

Are you interested in HaydiGO’s Data Feed Manager? Contact us with our team and we will be happy to help you!

Together we get the most out of your WMS, PIM, Datafeed Manager and more!