Barcode Solution (Scan Solution)

Barcode Solution (Scan Solution)

Our scan solution offered within HaydiGO accelerates the routine work of warehouse workers and makes warehouse management much more effective. The application’s innovative handling and collection capabilities streamline all processes and ensure a smooth experience.

How does it work?

  • When an order is marked as confirmed, it is automatically sent to the collector (picker) in the warehouse.
  • Collectors initiate actions to review the order and complete the process according to the specified allocation.
  • The collectors are properly guided, depending on the order details, how many products are taken from which location.
  • Orders are labelled after packaging and then placed outside the door so that the shipping company can pick them up.
  • All these processes are carried out by reading the barcode of the labels on the products and locations. This makes the process easy to follow.

Our scan Solution facilitates the work of your warehouse personnel and can easily be operated through any mobile device.

HaydiGO Barcode Scan Solution Features

Mobile Experience

HaydiGO Scan Solution comes with a mobile app combined with a desktop solution. In this way, all operations such as order entry, inventory correction, order creation, etc. can be easily controlled via Android and iOS devices and once picked, these orders can be easily processed by our desktop application.

Innovative Technology

HaydiGO’s scan solution improves the warehouse management process with advanced technology in a completely paperless, mobile and intelligent way. Many of the old handcrafted order processing routines are fully automated and our scan solution offers a fast and efficient experience.

Location Management

HaydiGO Scan Solution’s location management allows you to check the inventory of different products at different locations and, in the event of any errors, it easily allows you to alter them. This eliminates workflow disruptions. All the corrections and alterations are reflected in real-time to all your channels.


All operations are performed by reading the barcode via our intelligent mobile device application. All your actions are logged and securely stored, which then made available as reports to your system administrators. In this way all workflow complexities are eliminated, and the trust problem is solved.