Warehouse Management System
Warehouse Management System

What is WMS?

Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) is software that enables you to manage all critical processes in the supply chain such as warehouse, equipment, logistics and ordering processes from a single source with a comprehensive approach. A good WMS solution optimises complex processes in distribution centres, accelerates management processes and makes strategic decisions easier for the company.

Why WMS?

Inventory Control and Management

WMS solutions simplify the order fulfilment process and control and process all of your inventory changes. HaydiGO WMS is designed to help you track and manage all activities in your warehouse unbeatably real-time and easily.

Customer Experience

HaydiGO WMS offers a very extensive and real-time inventory management module which truly optimizes processing your orders and their shipments to your consumers. With its advanced warehouse management system, it makes the customer experience a unique and accurate process.

High Efficiency

A good warehouse management system plays a key role in achieving your company’s efficiency goals. HaydiGO’s WMS offers a consistent, reliable and fast way to manage your warehouse processes. Employees reach the resources and information they need at exactly the right time and with the least effort, while achieving the highest levels of efficiency.

Low Cost

WMS solutions can reduce operating costs in many ways. It’s just the beginning to see where certain materials, products and equipment are stored. Real-time tracking of the movements of individual resources helps you make more effective use of both manpower and inventory.

Advantages of HaydiGO WMS

Realtime warehouse management

Many WMSs require a lot of effort to update past transactions and capture the current processes. HaydiGO WMS works in real time. This approach allows you to plan instead of investigating what is happening.

Perfect security through blockchain and immutable data structure

HaydiGO simultaneously stores your WMS inventory management records in a blockchain infrastructure or immutable data structure. The data stored in our infrastructure cannot be reset, altered or deleted. The consistency of your data and the ability to examine all data against potential problems, allows you to determine your exact solution.

Strong integration structure

You can check and process orders from different e-commerce companies which use different channels. You work with or operate these orders from a single environment with a centralized structure. The structure and variety of e-commerce platforms used will not affect you. Thanks to its strong integration structure, HaydiGO WMS can be easily adapted to other platforms. In addition, the data stream is unidirectional and can be processed bidirectionally.

Barcode Solutions (Scan Solution)

The goods movements in a warehouse are decisive. HaydiGO WMS automates these processes with innovative collection and handling capabilities. HaydiGO scan solution can be integrated into the professional warehouse equipment of warehouse workers, and even conventional smartphones can be used as advanced warehouse management tools. HaydiGO barcode reading capabilities save you a lot of effort by optimizing all operations.

Customizable Rules (Rule Engine)

In addition to the professional features HaydiGO offers, the Rule Engine mechanism allows you to make new adjustments to your specific needs. This means that organizations with different needs can easily adapt to the business models they are accustomed to using the powerful components of HaydiGO WMS.

Easy to use

HaydiGO WMS’s easy-to-use user interface makes it easy for first-time users to get the job done. HaydiGO WMS is designed with an easy-to-understand structure to provide a fast and easy-to-use experience for employees. Your transition to HaydiGO can be surprisingly fast compared to any other alternatives.