Product Information Manager
Perfect Product Experience

What is PIM?

Product Information Management (PIM) is a management application that collects product information in a single environment, enriches that information, creates product catalogues, and distributes it to sales or e-commerce channels. A good PIM solution makes it very quick and easy to provide a flawless product experience.

Why PIM?

  • Enables you to collect, manage and enrich your product data in a single environment
  • Simplifies your processes with your suppliers
  • Improves the quality and consistency of product data across all channels.
  • Technical processes are solved by PIM and customer satisfaction increases.

Who needs PIM?

  • Those who work in a multi-channel structure and need a unified product data flow.
  • Those who want to strengthen their relationships with their suppliers.
  • Those who are aware of the impact of quality on online product sales.
  • System administrators who want to follow and meet their requirements.

The advantages of HaydiGO PIM at a glance

With our many years of software development experience, HaydiGO PIM is designed for the user to manage product information and processes without any technical knowledge.

  • You can customize all product details, because HaydiGO solves the technical requirements.
  • It helps you get your products to market across multiple channels and regions as quickly as possible.
  • You simply update the data and HaydiGO PIM updates your product information to all your connected channels.
  • With just a few clicks, you can ensure that even the smallest updates you want to make to your product information are reflected in all your sales channels. No professional experience is required.
  • HaydiGO’s practical structure allows you to grow your business quickly while reducing personnel costs.
  • HaydiGO’s automatic translation feature allows you to work with multiple localizations from a single interface.
  • HaydiGO has a universal structure. You determine and manage the conditions.
  • You can group products as you wish and customize the association processes between products and groups.
  • As complex as the scenarios may seem, HaydiGO overcomes and automates all the steps.
  • You can spend less time managing your existing products and focus on expanding your product portfolio. With HaydiGO, you can do more with less effort.
  • HaydiGO PIM’s unified product data flow experience is unique and unrevealed.
  • Providing accurate product information means more sales and fewer refunds. HaydiGO PIM increases your revenue quickly and significantly reduces the return rate.
  • The speed your products come to market increases and the return rate decreases.

In summary, with PIM it is possible to:

  • Collect data from the database of your existing suppliers
  • Collect data from your existing ERP system
  • Define the data to be integrated easily
  • Set the priority between different data sources
  • Enrich product descriptions according to various parameters
  • Classify products and link them together.
  • Translate product information into multiple languages.
  • Check the data quality and ensure its completeness.
  • Manage multiple sales channels easily