Point Of Sale System
Point Of Sale

Purchase Order System

For many stores, the POS system, a central part of the business, is simply the point at which the customer pays for the products or services they purchase. With HaydiGO’s POS service, you can continuously monitor transactions between the customer and your company.

HaydiGO POS features

The HaydiGO POS system is designed to improve your customers’ business interaction with your business and the benefits it brings.

Product Control

Adding and removing products via the HaydiGO POS system is easier than ever. You can use the system to search for products and assign collective or individual discounts to the products you select. However, the inventory handled by the POS system is directly reflected to the inventory management.

iPad Application

HaydiGO’s POS system works both as a tablet application and as web software. This allows you to conveniently view your products, invoices and even the status of your inventory from your tablet.


HaydiGO POS offers a country-specific billing system. The conversion of the accounting systems from country to country is no problem for HaydiGO. The system adapts automatically.

Suggestion system

Products removed from inventory in the HaydiGO POS system are directly reflected in the inventory management system. If there is no stock in the system, the system automatically redirects to another store with the stock of the product. In this way, customers can find out where they can find the missing product.


The HaydiGO POS system integrates real-time with our PIM, WMS and other HaydiGO modules. As a result, all processes, such as product intake/acceptance and inventory acceptance, are automatically mapped to the product and warehouse management systems. This eliminates the complexity of the management process and provides a high level of convenience.