Feed / Channel Manager
Data Feeds and Channel Management

So, What is this?

Our data feeds and channel manager helps you to target the results of your sales campaigns by optimizing your product data. HaydiGO makes your products data instantly visible across multiple channels / marketplaces by controlling the flow of channels in a centralized manner.

HaydiGO Data Feeds and Channel Management Features


HaydiGO’s data feed management solution is integrated within our PIM functionality. This allows you to easily manage your products via data lists and automatically route your changes to multiple channels.

Automatic Listing

With HaydiGO, you can automatically update your data lists without importing or exporting for each data change you make to your product data.

Correct Product Classification

Avoid confusion by simply classifying data streams of your products. With HaydiGO, you can significantly increase your channel visibility and reach the right audience by using correctly categorized products.

Effective Data Stream Control

Take charge of your data stream to multiple channels. HaydiGO makes sure that your channels are always up to date with the latest product data. You can easily check and control the quality of your data stream and make all changes in HaydiGO to improve data stream quality and transparency.

Automate with API

HaydiGO’s advanced API infrastructure makes it easy to connect e-commerce channels with the system and automatically update data from there. In this way, orders from the channels are sent directly to the retailer and products can be easily managed from here.